Tuesday, July 30, 2013

If only life came with an instruction book...

From BF List to Bridal Bliss to Baby Kiss:  The Teen Girl’s Guide for the Good Life

When I was in high school, I had a spiral six-section notebook, perfect for recording everything that I would one day need to prove to my future daughters that I had once been a teenager.  In this ultrasecret, highly classified volume, conveniently disguised as an ordinary notebook, I recorded lists of my favorite songs, lists of best friends, lessons I learned about life, and major questions I had, like, How can I tell if _________ likes me? What do you do if you have two guy friends, one who likes you, and the other you like? Will I ever have a guy who really knows all about me and loves me anyway? 
As the years passed, some questions became less important, others answered themselves, and a few remained in the back of my mind. What I needed was a manual, a blueprint to show me step by step how to get the good life I craved.
And then I found it.
The book that for millennia has been so beloved that for one page of it, grown men would give up everything and families would voluntarily leave everything else behind. I began slowly absorbing it, and my amazement would grow as I noticed how the tangled mess that was my life steadily unraveled by the words of this one Book. 
Although I could never scratch the surface, I must pass along some of what I have learned for those others who are coming behind me…especially my daughters and any yet to come.