Friday, July 11, 2014

Cashing in on the GOODS

"Consider mine affliction, and deliver me: for I do not forget thy law."
--Psalm 119

Even with amazing promises and tons of blessings,
it is so easy to get bent out of shape!!!
For a long time, I have wondered about promises in the Bible.  Each of them is SOOO good; how could I know they were for me?

I think it just dawned on me.  

I was reading one of these promises when I overheard my son telling his brother about his dream.  In his dream, Nazis called the Mississippi police to arrest someone.  His brother informed him that the Mississippi police can only arrest people in the state of Mississippi.  

Bam!  It clicked!  

All the promises of God are for me, but in order to enjoy the promises, I must be in a certain state.  The state of faith.  For a promise to be effective, I must BELIEVE in that promise enough to claim it and trust that it will work.  

Last night I ordered pizza online.  Before I checked out, I went to Retailmenot and found coupon codes to get a better deal.  There were, maybe, thirty different codes I could have chosen from, or I could have ignored all of them and just paid full price. Simply knowing the codes were there didn't benefit me.  I had to remember the code, name the code, and claim it as I checked out to get what it offered.

I can read Psalm 91 and be inspired, or bored, or break it apart intellectually, but in order to have no fear when a thousand are falling at my side and ten thousand at my right hand, I must believe that the evil shall not come nigh me.  I must believe that, because Jesus purchased for me a secret place in the presence of the Most High, I shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty who will act as my refuge and my fortress.  Yes, He IS a refuge and fortress, but when I fail to run to Him for defense, I miss out on the protection He offers!

He said to call unto Him, and He would show me great and mighty things which I know not, and HE WILL.... I F   I   C A L L .

We can read that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth us from all sin (ALL SIN!) and it does...IF we believe in Him.  He that BELIEVETH on Him hath everlasting life!  But merely reading and thinking, "That's interesting," is not necessarily believing.  

We need to stop blaming God for allowing bad things to happen when we weren't trusting Him for good things to happen.  If I am living constantly expecting something bad to happen, why get mad at God?  He provided promises to help me, I just failed to claim them.

If you have a purse full of coupons but don't give them to the cashier, don't blame the cashier when your bill is too high.  

Jesus loves us and has such a good plan for us.  Let's stop living in fear, dread, and disappointment, and trust God to do what He said He would do!  And in order to know what He promised....let's get into the Bible!

Trust God's promises and BE HAPPY!!!