On modesty, how men can help

A lot of fuss is made about dress. Women say, "Men shouldn't look." Men say, "Don't give us something to look at."

And they're right.

Women don't realize how hard it is for men not to look. They don't understand that it's not like looking away is the default thing men just do; many women think only perverts want to stare. We women have no idea what battle every man faces.

But what men don't realize is that just as women can unknowingly provide temptation for men to lust, men can unknowingly provide temptation for women to want to dress immodestly.


First off, women like to fit in. They like to look like the women around them. 

So that "herd mentality" makes dressing modestly a battle in itself. You have to think that if it's scary to go to the restroom alone, dressing in a way that singles you out as an oddball can be terrifying for a woman.

Next, a woman wants to feel beautiful. Some men say all women are beautiful, but from talking to other ladies, it appears that very few, if any, ladies feel truly gorgeous. 

All we have to go on regarding what looks good is how men respond to what we wear. 

Or how they respond to what other ladies wear.

Imagine a lady, dressing to go out and wanting to dress modestly, asks her husband if what she's wearing is all right. He reluctantly tells her that maybe another skirt would be...better. So she changes into something she feels is NOT as pretty, but glad to be wearing something he is not ashamed for her to wear in front of other guys.

Then when they go out, she sees her husband and other men laughing and talking with a girl with a much shorter, lacy skirt and low cut top. 

Is this woman going to feel glad she dressed modestly? No. She is going to feel betrayed. She is tempted to dress to attract attention since modesty definitely turns heads...away.

So now you have wives just wanting to get their men to look at them, thinking of dressing immodestly...adding more to the herd of temptresses...influencing others to dress just as bad.

I don't know why men feel they have to cut up with the flirty looking girl. Maybe they are awkward and trying to get around the embarrassment they feel about how she looks. But to other women, it screams, "SHE LOOKS GOOD!" 

Why, if men truly want to avoid temptation, don't they just avoid little hot mamas? I know, a man can make a woman feel like a cheap excuse for a lady if he wants to. All a girl wants is attention. If modestly dressed ladies received the attention that girls who let it all hang out receive, I wonder if there would be more modesty.